HDSCS connector assembling.

Contact Crimping
1. Begin with a stripped wire.
2. Carefully slide an appropriately sized wire seal over the wire.
3. Cycle the crimp tool to the open position.
4. Place the contact into the correct die nest.
5. Partially close the tool until the contact is held in place.
6. Insert the stripped wire into the contact.
7. Squeeze the handles closed until the ratchet releases.
8. The ratchet will only release when the tool is fully closed and the crimp is complete.

Contact Insertion
1. Grasp crimped contact approximately one inch behind the contact barrel.
2. Make sure the contact is in the correct orientation. Verify the integrated secondary lock is in the unlocked position.
3. Push contact straight into connector grommet until a click is felt. A slight tug will confirm that it is properly locked in place.
4. Push the integrated secondary lock into the locked position with a DT-RT1 or a screwdriver.

Contact Removal:
1. Using a DT-RT1 or a screwdriver, unlock the integrated secondary lock.
2. Using the appropriate extraction tool, insert the blades into the contact cavity until they stop.
3. Pull contact wire assembly out of connector.

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