Additional services offered to our customers.

Turnkey equipment installation
We are ready to provide complete equipment installation on turnkey basis in the European part of Russia.

Use of a small-size trench excavator for trench works with minimal damage to the grass cover.

Fly-around of complete airfield
We can offer the fly-around of complete site with photo and video recording as required to submit documents to the Interregional Territorial Administration for registration of the lighting system.

Rental of mobile lighting equipment
If you need to ensure the operation of the aircraft at night on an unequipped or temporary airfield or helipad, you can rent from us mobile lighting equipment. We will offer you the full range of our mobile systems.

Gift certificates
Sometimes our clients are willing to present Veltplast products to their friends or partners. Such gifts are cumbersome and inconvenient for transportation to a party. You may cope with it by using our Gift Certificates while your presents will be delivered without any hustle and on time. We’re always ready to help!

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